Stains and Soil Left Too Long Can be Impossible to Remove

Studies by the drycleaning and laundry institute show that after aging for only one week, 20% of stains cannot be removed satisfactory. After three weeks, this increases to 47%. If staining occurs, bring it to the cleaners as soon as possible.


Here are some tips that may help. Help us, help you!

  • Please point out any stains with your cleaner.
  • Keep perfume, lotions, deodorants, antiperspirants and other toiletries away from direct contact with your clothes. These products likely contain alcohol which could cause color loss.
  • Do not press or iron stained areas (collars), because this could make the stains permanent with the heat.
  • Protect garments, especially those made from silk, from execessive perspiration, as this cause the dyes to discolor.
  • Protect your clothes from over-exposure to direct sunlight, cover windows that are in closets.
  • Empty all pockets. If you forget, we will return all items that are found in your clothes and place them in a black and orange ‘safe n secure bag.
  • Remove all collar stays. If you forget, we will return all stays in your shirts. They will be in a plastic bag attached to your invoice.
  • Remove your clothes from the plastic bags before hanging them in your closet.
  • Have matching pieces of an outfit cleaned together so any fading will be uniform.
  • Before putting clothes away for storage, have them cleaned to remove stains first. This prevents insects from causing holes in the fabric, and stains from ageing and discoloring.
  • Please unpackage all new laundry shirts. Because of the extra time involved with unpackaging a shirt, there will be a unpacking fee charged per shirt.
  • Do not remove care labels from garments. The federal trade commission requires manufacturers to attach permanent labels to all textile garments to aid both the consumer and dry cleaners in properly cleaning garments.