Men’s Dress Shirts & Sports Shirts

A man’s appearance says a lot and when others look at men, they look for a certain style, especially in the work force. How well he is dressed is taken into account. Is he neat? Is his clothing pressed and sharp? All of these things are key indicators to many people that the man cares for his appearance and therefore is most likely a good candidate for many things (dating, jobs, and more). For instance, a crisp, clean cut gentleman is quickly thought to pay close attention to detail in his job. While that may not always be the case, being sharply dressed does matter.

How do we clean Men’s Dress Shirts?

For each type of starch preference, the garments are separated into light, medium and dark colors. Next, we put the clothes into the commercial washing machines to be cleaned. The laundry cleaning process uses special detergents, additives and starch. This process, which differs from home cleaning, enables the cleaner to offer consistent quality in the shirts. After the cleaning process, which leaves the garments damp, they are removed from the washing machine. They are than sent off to be pressed, inspected, assembled and placed onto the conveyor system to be eventually picked up by the customer.

We Pay Attention to the Details

At Dry Clean Super Center in Flower Mound, we understand that you need to look your best and that is why we pay special attention to the details. We check every detail, collars, cuffs, sleeves and buttons.